All good things take time. That’s what they say. Eimhin’s song-writing evolution is the embodiment of this. From ethereal sad-folk to shout-it-at-the-top-of-your-lungs indie anthems, Eimhin’s music goes full circle.

An Irish lad now based on the Gold Coast (via Melbourne), Eimhin's lineage is steeped in traditional Irish-folk. He spent his teenage years doing musical theatre before ultimately playing in original bands and answering the call of punk rock, hardcore, glam and emo. Now, as a solo artist, he is drawing on this entire musical vocabulary to help define his sound whilst embracing a deep sense of emotional honesty and fearlessness.

Through his unique fashion sensibilities and commitment to dismantling patriarchal norms, Eimhin (pronounced ev-an) takes up the mantle of artists such as Virgin Prunes, David Bowie, and more recently Harry Styles in challenging audiences to let go of restrictive cultural ideas about gender expression and encouraging them to embrace their divine femininity. 


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AAA Backstage - Lately Single Release

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